Plastic parts

An overview of parts that has been manufactured in Hecada from plastic.

While milling from plastic, the result depends considerably of material specifications and melting temperature. It is harder to hold firmly very soft and slippery billets during cutting them, as well as prevent billet vibration while ensuring the precise tolerances. Some common plastic materials like ABS will likely change its geometry and bend over time. Some materials have very low melting point like PMMA and they should always be cut with cooling. The optimal quality and good machining is offered by POM-C, which is used most of the time. However, when low wear is desired, more slippery PE must be used instead.

Prototype housing from POM consists of two sides which fit together precisely.

Plastic frames needed machining from different sides.

Both details above require fine machining.

Sheet parts should be cut with a router.

Machining from both sides is required.

While cutting thin plastic details, the main problem is to prevent vibration. The resulting marks are seen on lower parts.

Very tiny parts.

Small plastic parts with unregular shape.

Parts made of Teflon (PTFE).