Aluminium parts

Here is an overview about different aluminium parts, that has been manufactured in Hecada. We are happy to produce parts for your prototype even if these are needed individually.

By combining the operations in router type and vertical milling machines, optimal process can be chosen. Therefore, the maximum dimensions needed are not strict and appropriate solution can usually be found. Reasonable accuracy and surface quality can be achieved though. Specific technological explanations can be found under pictures.

Alumiiniumist detail 3

The usual case is that drilling is needed to different part sides.

Alumiiniumist detail 7

Switches for muscle car dash has been designed and manufactured. Engraving is filled with white paint after anodizing. Switch cover has two sides that should be fit together perfectly, therefore there are steps inside.


Final result.

Alumiiniumist detail 1

Part with quite high but thin walls, under 1 mm in places.

Alumiiniumist detail 2

Due to moderate height, it is needed to remove much material with facemill.

Alumiiniumist detail 6

Advanced laser or water cutting machines can cut material in angle, but cannot fillet corners and cut grooves. Therefore, the billets should be remachined in milling machine.

Alumiiniumist detail 5

This part is longer than 300 mm and is made from Alumec, therefore needs rack to be machined correctly.

Alumiiniumist detail 4

Face mill is useful for removing material quickly.

Alumiiniumist detail 8

To control the surface roughness, all surfaces must be milled.

Freesitud detail

Freesitud detail

Occassionally the details have complex geometry


Quite complex part with precise fits

Similar with the previous part.

Tiny part

Very tiny part

Very tiny and complex part.

Part with unparallel sides.

Complex part with 3D surfaces.

Back side of the previous part.

Housings with cooling for electronics.

Milled signs.

Coolant hose connector for a racing car.

The same part after anodizing and filling with paint.

Penumatic lifter holder for a racing car. Quite big part that needed to be machined lightweight.

The same part from different angle

Speed model car body milled from Alumec. Half a meter long and many 3D surfaces.

The same part from bottom.

Cover for small electronics housing.

Docking housing.

Front panel for electronics device.

Back side of the previous part.

Small cooling radiators.