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    Device for manufacturing large containers

    24 Sep 2012 in Completed projects

    Large containers have many functions Lightweight and corrosion-resistant containers made of composite materials are used for collecting and keeping sewage, rainwater, fire water, fuel, chemicals etc. These large containers can be produced effectively and best quality when its cylindrical fibreglass part is coiled up on a large metal drum. This automatic coiling system enables to achieve a homogenous and strong layer of glass fibre. Production requires heavy equipment Steel drums used as forms have different diameters of 1.2 to 2.5...

    Bowed lyre

    06 Sep 2012 in Completed projects

    The ancient instrument of Estonian Swedes Bowed lyre or bowed harp is a violin like string instrument which is played with a bow. Melody is played on the first two strings and the rest two sound along continuously as a drone. This instrument, called Talharpa in Swedish, was brought along by Estonian Swedes to the island Vormsi. Europe has a long history of bowed harp like instruments. They are likely to originate from the British Isles, from which they came...

    Electric-powered racing

    20 Jun 2012 in Varia

    A sporty electric car? Recently great efforts have been made to develop reasonable using conditions for electric cars in Estonia and to promote using them. Now they still have too many disadvantages for being able to replace the usual cars, but this may soon change. By many car manufacturers, only very small and golf-cart-like vehicles are produced as zero-emission cars. Perhaps only Nissan Leaf reminds a “normal car” the most. Important is the economic value, not power and speed, although...

    Belt drive for centrifugal supercharger

    02 Mar 2012 in Completed projects & Mechanical devices

    Paxton supercharger mounted on BMW M30B34 engine needed a non-slipping belt drive. The engine drives supercharger at its maximum allowed speed and pressure in 7000 rpm redline. For this hard task, 10-rib belt was needed with right profile drive pulleys to achieve best grip without extra belt wear. For good contact the pulleys are oversize diameter than usual catalog products. They were made of Al-alloy and the anoded coating is thicker than usual for wear preventing reasons.

    Electric car final drive

    01 Mar 2012 in Completed projects

    A small electric car needed a driving axle differential to able for maneuvers without inner wheels slipping on the ground. Gear ratio is 4 : 1 and the device weights under 2 kg to be suitable for light one-man vehicle.  

    MGD digital multigauge

    03 Dec 2011 in Measurement system

    Universal gauge MGD universal digital gauge informs the driver about the change of parameters in a vehicle. It is very suitable for following engine gas and liquid temperature and pressure and also for displaying wideband lambda. MGD does not need a certain engine management system or sensors to function. It connects instead to a net of sensor modules installed in the vehicle and the displayable information can be selected manually. Therefore one device can display data of several different sensors....

    SFT installation on the vehicle

    27 Nov 2011 in Varia

    The simplest device to indicate the gear change moment The main objective of developing shiftlight SFT was to make the procedure of installing and setting the device up as simple as possible. I wanted to avoid jumpers, small DIP switchers, buttons and other such a common solutions, which would have excluded the corpus being splash proof, blemished the general design and added complexity. Calibrated for most vehicle types Selecting calibration, adjustment and operation mode was managed to realize with only...

    SDM vehicle dynamics measuring device

    26 Nov 2011 in Measurement system

    Various dynamic parameters SDM vehicle dynamics measuring device enables to measure all main linear acceleration parameters of cars or motorcycles: 60 ft elapsed time and trap speed 0-100 km/h elapsed time 1/8 and 1/4 mile elapsed time and trap speed by each gear (also by an automatic gearbox): the mean acceleration the highest acceleration time duration of the gear change the gear duration vehicle speed at the end of the gear engine speed at the end of the gear vehicles...

    SFT digital shiftlight

    25 Nov 2011 in Measurement system

    SFT is a small digital device, which informs the driver about the right time for switching gear. Although its versatility, the device is very easy to use. To assure the biggest possible acceleration, it is best to switch gear at a moment, in which the engine has reached its maximum power. SFT helps the driver to find this moment easily and thereinafter simplifies driving fast. While accelerating, it is also more secure to watch the road than to follow to...