Posts by Eero:

    Chartered Mechanical Engineer

    05 Sep 2019 in Varia

    Starting from 14.05.2019 Estonian Qualifications Authority has qualified Hecada OÜ CEO Eero Väljaots as in competence of Chartered Mechanical Engineer, level 8 in product development.

    New location

    23 Jul 2018 in Varia

    In November 2017 year Hecada moved to a new stock-office in Tallinn, the address is now Suur-Sõjamäe 29A. The workshop is much larger and we also added more CNC-machines. We mill and turn aluminium, bronze, plastic and steel. Often we manufacture larger plates from aluminium sheets (maximum 1500 x 2500 mm, thickness up to 30 mm), like baseplates for racks using premilled material. Although we often manufacture single parts to prototypes, product examples, racks and jigs, we can also successfully...

    Unmanned tractor second prototype

    21 Jul 2018 in Completed projects

    Universal workhorse for ecofarming Based on experiences with the previous prototype, Hecada team developed 2017 spring and summer next unmanned tractor prototype. The aim was to improve modularity and performance. The tractor is universal base platform for automating too boring, repeated, time consuming or routinuous operations usually done by humans. Due to hydrostatic drive, the tractor has excellent axle and central differential effect, so it doesn’t harm grass and soil. It is most suitable for using in agriculture and gardening...

    Unmanned tractor first prototype

    06 Jul 2017 in Completed projects

    Testing the technology Eero is an autohor of hardware and prototype for an interesting tractor which was built in Hecada and has been developed in cooperation with Estonian University of Land Sciences. It is a small offroad vehicle, little bigger than ATV and it operates autonomously without driver. The purpose of the first prototype is to be platform for testing the electronics and hydraulics soulutions, functionality and navigation technologies suitable for unmanned operation. The results were used in Eero’s PhD...

    Diving lamp prototypes

    17 Apr 2015 in Completed projects & Mechanical devices

    Powerful custom lamp The range of diving lamps is very broad and they can be bought on different price levels and specifications. However, sometimes diving photographers need custom solutions. Prototypes designed and manufactured in Hecada are oriented for great lightning power, which of course needs clear water. Therefore, powerful portable spotlight finds even more use out of the water but the limitation is here much lower air cooling factor. Prototype v1 The first prototype is made of acid proof stainless...

    Intake manifolds for small engines

    10 Jan 2015 in Completed projects & Mechanical devices

    Here are some photos about intake manifolds manufactured in Hecada. These are used on small 25 – 50 ccm internal combustion engines. Intake manifold includes sealed thottle valve, pocket for mounting injector, idle screw with channels, potentiometer for measuring butterfly angle, air filter mount and vacuum outlets. Such custom solutions are needed for more compact shape and for different size throttle valves. The intake manifolds are designed and manufactured in Hecada, including sealed throttle valve from brass. Valve is not...

    New location

    01 Mar 2014 in Uncategorized

    From the beginning of 2014. year, Hecada LLC prototype workshop moved from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol to Ülemiste City Technopolis. Our new address is Suur-Sõjamäe 14C. Freshly renovated rooms are much larger and enable to expand the development of mechanical and electronics devices. With the help of new metalworking machinery, fast and quality production of single details for prototyping and also small series is possible. We can process plastics, as well as aluminium and steel.

    Supercharger belt tensioning

    14 Apr 2013 in Completed projects & Mechanical devices

    Usual solutions break apart Spring is coming soon and it is the last time to recondition my fast hobby car. Last summer there was a problem with tensioning the belt of a centrifugal supercharger. A 10-rib belt is quite broad and rigid. The usual belt tensioners tested so far are meant for more narrow and elastic belts. Typically their turning joint is located right next to the belt and the wide tension roller will pry the joint awry. It will...

    Fast gear change

    10 Mar 2013 in Completed projects & Mechanical devices

    A simple way to win time A manual transmission vehicle can be made faster also without changing the engine or transmissions. One way is simply to change gear more quickly. Every error in gear change will cost time. But alas, many older cars have plastic joint sockets and bushings totally worn out and loose. This is why their shift locations can often be skewed. For example, this is a typical mistake in older BMWs. However for racing, a restored original...

    Instrument case

    03 Mar 2013 in Completed projects

    A fragile musical instrument is impossible to transport without a proper case. For this reason I have designed and constructed few cases. A case made of wood and plywood is very suitable for protecting an instrument against rain, hits and injuries and thereat it looks stylish. Sharp corners are unpleasant, but fortunately there is a way to give the construction a round shape. It is the most essential, that a case would be light, but strong. An instrument of a...