Intake manifolds for small engines

Here are some photos about intake manifolds manufactured in Hecada. These are used on small 25 – 50 ccm internal combustion engines.

Intake manifold includes sealed thottle valve, pocket for mounting injector, idle screw with channels, potentiometer for measuring butterfly angle, air filter mount and vacuum outlets. Such custom solutions are needed for more compact shape and for different size throttle valves.

The intake manifolds are designed and manufactured in Hecada, including sealed throttle valve from brass. Valve is not round but has a little angle when closed, it is operated using small servo motor.

The housing is quite complex part, milled from aluminium and needs machining from every side.

The same detail from different angle.

This detail belongs to previous assembly and can be made with advanced lathe or 4-axis milling.

Another even more complex intake manifold.

The same part from different angle.

Top view, the cover on the next photo is mounted to the back side of the housing.