Supercharger belt tensioning

Usual solutions break apart

Spring is coming soon and it is the last time to recondition my fast hobby car. Last summer there was a problem with tensioning the belt of a centrifugal supercharger.

A 10-rib belt is quite broad and rigid. The usual belt tensioners tested so far are meant for more narrow and elastic belts. Typically their turning joint is located right next to the belt and the wide tension roller will pry the joint awry. It will become loose and sooner or later will the roller direct the belt off. Its torsion spring will also give too little pressure to prevent the belt from slipping off by more than 1 bar charge pressure.

An especially strong automatic belt tensioner

Unfortunately, the turning joint and spring can not be abandoned. For a final tensioning a static tensioner, which’s position is fixed rigidly in place, can not be used instead of an automatic one. It allows the belt to slip as the belt tends to stretch under load.

The new solution is now particularly strong and massive, supports the tensioning pulley from both sides and is equipped with ball bearings. Instead of a torsion spring a big pulling spring with a long stroke is being used. It can be located precisely in the middle of the pulley to prevent the tensioner to become skewed. None of the previously seen supercharger mounting kits will contain such a strong tensioner.