Instrument case

A fragile musical instrument is impossible to transport without a proper case. For this reason I have designed and constructed few cases. A case made of wood and plywood is very suitable for protecting an instrument against rain, hits and injuries and thereat it looks stylish.

Sharp corners are unpleasant, but fortunately there is a way to give the construction a round shape.

It is the most essential, that a case would be light, but strong. An instrument of a special shape should also fit well in the case and not move around in it. For coating material, thin water-resistant plywood is the best choice. Its bright white surface should anyway be painted to avoid soiling. The wooden rack details can be cut out from a thicker material in the CNC bench to make them fit together perfectly. The quite a soft padding is covered with slipcover fabrics.

In the pictures below, there are cases for a bowed lyre and for a small zither. As such, it is easy to make any suitcase for all kinds of smaller musical instruments of a simple shape. Although producing details of plywood is highly automatic and fast, then gluing them together, finishing and staining is a time-consuming handcraft. For this reason, hereafter it is the best to produce such cases as kits of details, which can be put together by oneself.