Device for manufacturing large containers

Large containers have many functions

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant containers made of composite materials are used for collecting and keeping sewage, rainwater, fire water, fuel, chemicals etc.

These large containers can be produced effectively and best quality when its cylindrical fibreglass part is coiled up on a large metal drum. This automatic coiling system enables to achieve a homogenous and strong layer of glass fibre.

Production requires heavy equipment

Steel drums used as forms have different diameters of 1.2 to 2.5 m and length of 6 to 8 m as also should be the size of the finished containers. The scrolling drum may rotate quite fast, which is why it has to be perfectly balanced despite its asymmetric internal structure. The drums itself have nearly 3 tons of weight and will be able to carry an additional heavy shell on itself.

In order to obtain the dry finished coil, various ways, such as hydraulic and mechanical, has been invented. In this case, the shell will come off from the drum when the drum segments are let down with joints. It can be pulled off when an extra frame of the same length is installed on the drum shaft and the supporting frame is turned aside. The additional frame itself is very light, but has to be strong for not being able to sag in under the weight of the long and heavy drum. These drums, which are not in use, are transported and stored on storing racks.

Mechanics of glass fibre movement

Glass fibre is collected into one sheaf from a number of rolls, which are located in a special shelf. After being connected up into one sheaf, fibre is bedaubed with a right amount of polyester resin. The drum, which rotates by force of a powerful gear motor, pulls the fibre tape on itself. The tape feeding frame moves automatically from one side of the rotating drum to another and produces thereby strengthening rings. Resin-soaked fibreglass tends to shrink into a thick rope. Therefore, special wear proof equipment is essential for the fibres to reach on the drum as a homogeneous tape.