MGD digital multigauge

Universal gauge

MGD universal digital gauge informs the driver about the change of parameters in a vehicle. It is very suitable for following engine gas and liquid temperature and pressure and also for displaying wideband lambda.

MGD does not need a certain engine management system or sensors to function. It connects instead to a net of sensor modules installed in the vehicle and the displayable information can be selected manually. Therefore one device can display data of several different sensors.

Easy to use
Big numbers on the dark screen of the MGD gauge are clearly visible and there is also a touch sensitive button behind the screen. The built-in menu enables one to choose different working modes, see the largest values etc. The data on the screen changes itself fast, but smoothly, which may often be a drawback of digital gauges.

Self -adjusting screen brightness
It may be disturbing for the driver, if the gauge dazzles in the dark but can hardly be seen in the daylight. Therefore the screen brightness is automatically controlled – it is dimmer in the dark and brighter in the light.

High quality design
MGD is not made of tin or plastic, but its external parts are produced through high-grade CNC-technology, mainly of aluminium. The case with the common 52-mm (2 1/16’’) diameter can be easily installed without any screws to a suitable dash spot using steel bracket. The case is anodized to matt black in order to prevent reflecting on the windows. In addition, the device is scratch- and splash proof and can therefore be used on open vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs).

Price: 129 €