SFT digital shiftlight

SFT is a small digital device, which informs the driver about the right time for switching gear. Although its versatility, the device is very easy to use.

To assure the biggest possible acceleration, it is best to switch gear at a moment, in which the engine has reached its maximum power. SFT helps the driver to find this moment easily and thereinafter simplifies driving fast. While accelerating, it is also more secure to watch the road than to follow to the jumping tachometer needle.

Suitable for the most types of vehicles

SFT functions with different types of vehicles – with an old school distributor and ignition coil as well as with a modern digital gasoline engines. If necessary, then also with an injector switching circuit, that makes it also usable with diesel engines. The device is also usable with an engine management system, which has a suitable output switched on at a certain engine speed (Megasquirt, VEMS etc.)

The powerful LED light turns on automatically at a certain rotation frequency, which can be selected using the turning knob on the back side of the device. Due to the large scale resolution, the moment of the light turning on is precisely adjustable in a working area of 3000-12500 p/min. SFT can be easily calibrated to any vehicle regardless of the number of cylinders and ignition coils.

Self-adjusting screen brightness

It may be quite uncomfortable for the driver, if the light dazzles at night and can hardly be seen in the daylight. Therefore is the screen brightness automatically controlled – it is dimmer in the dark and brighter in the sunlight.

The screw-free attachment

The fixable mount can easily be attached in the vehicles salon, e.g. to the dashboard without damaging it and the device can be easily removed from its mount and wiring. The angle of the light on the mount is adjustable and that makes it easy to find a suitable location on the dashboard. If necessary, the mount can also be installed permanently with screws.

High quality design

SFT is not made of sheet metal or moulded of plastic, but its external parts are produced through high-grade CNC-technology, mainly of aluminium. The case is anodized to matt black in order to prevent it from reflecting on the windows. In addition, the device is scratch- and splash proof and can therefore be used on open vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs).

Price: 99 €