SDM vehicle dynamics measuring device

Various dynamic parameters

SDM vehicle dynamics measuring device enables to measure all main linear acceleration parameters of cars or motorcycles:

  • 60 ft elapsed time and trap speed
  • 0-100 km/h elapsed time
  • 1/8 and 1/4 mile elapsed time and trap speed

by each gear (also by an automatic gearbox):

  • the mean acceleration
  • the highest acceleration
  • time duration of the gear change
  • the gear duration
  • vehicle speed at the end of the gear
  • engine speed at the end of the gear
  • vehicles highest speed reached
  • vehicles effective power according to the engine speed
  • vehicles effective torque according to the engine speed

Measuring the abovementioned parameters is helpful for

  • measuring vehicles acceleration
  • tuning engine management system for the best acceleration
  • configuring chassis and transmission etc. for a faster start, e.g. to pass through 60 ft as quickly as possible
  • training driving techniques and practice e.g. bracketing
  • comparing vehicles technical condition with the data given by the manufacturer
  • comparing the accelerating performances of different vehicles

Setting a vehicle in real conditions

Dynamometer enables to measure quite precisely the engine power, torque and other parameters of racing cars. It can be done from the chassis or straight from the crankshaft. However, the engine power is not the only determining factor to ensure good dynamics. There are also very important the tire grip, spring movement, switching gears, transmission losses and aeromotive drag. In addition, a lot depends on the drivers skills and actions. Tuning sports cars or motorcycles during test drives takes place under real field conditions and is also the cheapest way to do it. As it is said often – drag strip is the best dyno. There is no use of a powerful gear if its potential cannot be put off on track.

Easy to use

The basic indicators can be measured with SDM even without connecting it to the car, it is sufficient to mount it with the suction cup, e.g. on the windshield. In this case, the device is powered from the battery, which is sufficient for and hour of measurement and which can be charged through computers USB. The small and light mobile phone–sized device can be mounted on vehicles in any position. The simple user interface works easily with only four buttons.

Accurate and detailed measurements

SDM measures with the frequency of 100 Hz and the test drives will be saved into inner memory. The graphs can be examined more thoroughly, when the data is transferred through a USB to a computer. If possible, the speedometer input should be included, which increases the accuracy of longer measurements.

The additional inputs option

The device can be connected into the network of sensor modules. In this case it enables to log in addition to acceleration data also other parameters acquirable from the network. For example, when setting up an engine it is often important to know not only the acceleration, but also the values of lambda.

The engine speed input is equal to input of SFT. It functions with an oldschool distributor and ignition coil as well as with modern digital gasoline engines. If necessary, then also with an injector switching circuit, that makes it also usable with diesel engines. The correct engine rotation speed according to the vehicle can be selected easily.

Self-adjusting screen brightness

It may be very unpleasant for the driver, if the LCD screen in the middle of the windshield dazzles in the dark but can hardly be seen in the sunlight. Therefore is the screen brightness automatically adjusted – it is dimmer in the dark and brighter in the daylight.

Price: 249 €