CNC-milling and turning


Hecada OÜ produces mechanical parts both in individual copies (prototypes, product samples) and in serial production. Our equipment fleet includes:

two highly efficient and fast vertical CNC milling machines Haas DM-2;
two very powerful Quaser MV154PL vertical CNC milling machines;
one Dyna DM3220 4-axes vertical CNC milling machine with a modernized control system;
one T-Isel CNC router for processing large aluminum sheets and a small High-Z CNC router for drilling holes and threads on the sides of a sheet parts;
one CNC lathe with bar feeder and one manual lathe.

Our modern and efficient CNC machining centers allow processing parts in dimensions:

1000 x 500 mm (in vertical milling machines);
2500 x 1500 mm (in router);
60 x 500 mm (for turning).

Materials we use:

various plastics (POM, PE, PEEK, PA, PTFE, PET);
aluminum (EN AW-6082 T6 as bar and sheet material and EN AW-5083 H111 as pre-milled sheets);
steel and stainless steel.

If necessary, we deliver parts to the customer with post-processing:

glass-blasting, grinding and brushing of parts, vibro-abrasion;
aluminum anodized black or gray, passivated or chromated;
steel parts hardened, galvanized or black oxidized.